Janelle can play almost any piece of music from Bach to Michael Jackson.  She has played many types of weddings including Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, Native American, Secular, and Commitment Ceremonies as well as for all types of nationalities and traditions. She knows the questions to ask to ensure a stress-free wedding ceremony.

Go to main menu and click "Wedding Music" to hear a sample of the music that Janelle can provide at your wedding.

Hiring Janelle is an easy and enjoyable experience. Ceremony fees start at $350 and include:

  1. At least 30 minutes of prelude music as guests arrive
  2. All music for the ceremony
  3. 10 to 15 minutes of postlude music as needed
  4. Unlimited phone and e-mail consultations
  5. One in-person consultation (if desired)
  6. Janelle arrives at least 60 minutes prior to the ceremony
  7. Discounted rates for additional hours booked (call for details)
  8. Wireless amplification if needed.

Outdoor Events:

Janelle Lake plays her lever harp at outdoor weddings.  Since there are more variable factors to an outdoor event, Mrs. Lake must know the following:

  • What is the back up plan in case of inclement weather? (The harp cannot get wet at all.  Mrs. Lake will need to cover the harp and seek shelter immediately in the event that precipitation could harm the harp. This includes blowing spray from fountains.) Also, the temperature must stay between 65 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit for the harp to remain glued and intact. 

  • Is there a 4' by 4' solid surface for Mrs. Lake to set up on? The harp cannot sit on top of grass, gravel, sand, dirt, or uneven cobblestone. She can bring her own large board if needed.

  • What is the most direct route to get to the event? Sometimes she will need to wear special harp moving shoes if she needs to walk a long way.

  • How will she be sheltered from the sun? The harp cannot sit in direct sunlight for an entire event.

Wedding Rehearsals:

Janelle Lake is a very experienced harpist with over ten years of wedding experience. Wedding rehearsals are not necessary and are not included in her fee. She will allow plenty of time on the day of the wedding to speak to any members of the wedding party and the presiding officiant regarding details. However, if you would like to hire Janelle Lake to play for your rehearsal or rehearsal dinner, please contact her with your date and time to determine her availability.